album: Duet2it
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 73
creation date: 2010-05-16

  Song Lyrics
THEN AGAIN When there may be some timeTo tradeAll your doubts for truthThen you may lead the kind of lifeYou’re right to choose When there may be some timeTo...
06/26/10 03:45:04PM @wrightdude:
Very well performed! Nice tight piece with some creative composotion and production elements... Enjoyed the harmonized guitar lines! Rock on! -Jack
Rob Grant
05/17/10 07:40:48PM @rayon-vert:
Seeing a new Bardo track is as exciting as seeing any of my Favorite Prog groups doing something new. YES!!! I was psyched up and NOT let down, in the least. You always present your vocals with taste and I love your drummer. The song is very tastefully written, produced and performed. Though the song didn't the your normal drive of yours, that I like, I found it a VERY COOL listen and I enjoyed it, just the same. GREAT TRACK, GUYS!!! and I'm Happy to see you're still together. I know you told me, a while back, you had something coming, but it took too long. Don't make the next one, so long in between :-)

Thanks for the Download!!


05/16/10 04:53:58PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Nicely judged - no over the top torch guitaring - good tune and great arrangement. Most enjoyable. ftlpope
06/15/10 10:06:48PM @tcp:
Great listen. Actually twice now. It flows so nicely from the vocal section to the instrumental zone only to capitalize on the main theme at the end. Super arrangement, crafty and well done. Can't argue with talent and passion! ..B


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