Cafe in Peru ( Bilbozo )

album: Hidden Missions
genre: Latin
streams: 182
creation date: 2011-10-08

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It's seems like ages since I have posted a song, almost 3 months. It's great to be at it again as well as collabing with all my good friends. Life threw a...
Cafe in Peru ( Bilbozo )
11/08/11 06:16:33PM @miguel-a-wilder:
very very nice my friend. Well done, and well worth the wait.
10/11/11 08:31:41AM @mel:
Oh yes, Melsi is shaking her toosh and dancing round her office! This is beautiful Bill. Really sets the atmosphere for sitting outside that Cafe in Peru. Got my shades on, sun is setting, cool drink and ready for some Arrrrreeeeba dancing!Fantastic instrumentals as always!! Love it, Melsi
Chris Georgiou
10/11/11 02:15:57AM @chris-georgiou:
Hey Bill,

this is such a tasteful-smoothing song.
I love to hear emotions and there a lot of them !!!!
Top notch - production - fantastic guitar work.
shine on...
Chris G.

10/10/11 07:57:02PM @cooter:
So nice, Bill.

I am diggin the pan flute, to. What a classy touch. Got my head bobbin and my face smilin from the first notes, and all the way through the tune. A most excellent mix... after listening 4 times now, yep... a most excellent tune.

Two thumbs up, and a big around-the-world snap! Love it!


10/09/11 04:57:36PM @tlt50: nailed this vibe....the horns and percussion are magical...:))A pristine production in all ways...!~! Then your fantastic guitar work...loved the pan flute thangy'... Brilliant track.... buddy.Truly... OUTSTANDING !!
10/09/11 01:18:56PM @josephrodz:
Esta rola esta de pelos,sabes que va para mi killer set de Latin Rock
en mi show!

Jim Easton
10/09/11 12:37:45PM @jim-easton:
Bill you can really hear your heart and expertise as a musician and composer in this latin beauty-!! I especially like the move from electric to acoustic guitar and your proficiency on both!!! Thank you for sharing your skills and 5 Star song with us!!!!
10/09/11 12:03:21PM @rei4real:
hello hombre!!!

I simply love your music .... but you know that ... ;-)
your production level is getting higher and higher, and that provides even more fun to listen to your perfect playing.
listening to this piece I can imagine you with a big grin on your face while recording it, cause the song delivers pure happiness and positive emotions ... that's what you felt, that's what you played ... and that's what I hear!
love it!!!! (did I say that before??)

peace and respect my friend

10/09/11 03:41:25AM @digger-stone:
Man this is really great... thanks for the heads up on this one bill... you really are a great artist and one hell of a producer!

great song...


10/09/11 12:45:56AM @dextdee:
saweet! this is a fun track Bill. i am loving from start already to finish.
10/08/11 08:18:02PM @planetjazzbass:
Hey Compardre....damn man how tight is this production, it's Perufect!lol..all the grooves run like tributaries and join to make one sweet river of music..Latin based music is so infectious,so positive,it gets you right into enjoyment central the acoustic work and the horns just make you want to dance....This may be mixposure but you are the Mix master!.(I had a kitchen appliance of the same name! haha)....but when you switched it on you didn't get instant sound gratification...Bravototalo!..cheers Dave
10/09/11 08:11:00PM @david-c-deal:
Bill, this is just marvelous... wonderful interweaving of instruments.. that pan flute fits perfectly (plus an interesting scale in the middle). Your guitar playing is exquisite.. I love your acoustic touch. Welcome back.


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