album: Hidden Missions
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 316
creation date: 2012-03-25

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This one takes me back to playing an orchestrated heavy rock instrumental, with a little darkness with a couple of rays of sunlight...and thats the daily...
06/06/12 08:44:13AM @cyberson:
This is simply epic my friend! Man you make that guitar sing!

Great sounds indeed. This is one hell of a song!

03/26/12 08:01:21AM @joyfulwave:
this really rocks...great it...its a masterpiece !!!
03/26/12 05:19:53AM @john-frederick:
Great song Bill it has touch of mystery and transports your mind somewhere else Great song Thank you for sharing it well done
03/26/12 03:53:07AM @david-c-deal:
Spectacular song Bill. This one is just full of artistic touches from subtle keyboard effects to your superb guitar playing. This song rises far above normal expectations and moves the heart with emotion. Fine, fine work Bill.
03/25/12 09:58:54PM @bri-an:
Hey Bill, i like the euro-slam of the guitar work. (grindNcrunch) Kool use of synthsNsounds...the highlight for me is the tasteful and well thought out soloin throughout...
A great exercise in instrumentation, for it had my interest from start to finish without repeating the initial idea at the head of the composition. Tagged very well into the outro.
Go forth and raise mine have.
excellent work. B.

03/25/12 11:17:35AM @cooter:
Wonderful tune, Maestro Ozo. If this is what today's weather is going to be, then I say: Let it rain, or let it shine, the weather is fine.

What an enjoyable piece of music, Bill. That 4:05 went by very quickly. I'm going to listen again.

Love it, good sir.


03/25/12 10:27:41AM @mike-kohlgraf:
What a great tune, my friend! This one rocks for sure... love the opening pads - was thinking, hard rock? Well, this is a bit more on the rock pop side, really. But, I love it nontheless!!! AWESOME!

03/25/12 10:22:04AM @gene-smith:
This one is ROCKIN Bill! Excellent tune, my drink is coffee right now but works all the same.

Fantastic job my man!

Farrell Jackson
03/27/12 12:51:23PM @farrell-jackson:
Great song Bill! I thought I had already commented on this but just realized that it was on facebook, lol. Excellent guitar playing are rockin with a very tasty style.

Also congrats on the song of the week with it!



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