Bilbozo - "My Corona"

album: Hidden Missions
genre: Latin Rock
streams: 214
creation date: 2010-05-01

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This Corona is for you with a wedge of lime too ! The intro hook should sound ma ma my Corona ! Latin rock, with hammond b4,  acoustic and...
Bilbozo - "My Corona"
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11/09/10 02:08:38PM @:
Outstanding work, Bill. Man the percussion and the driving guitars are just smokin! This has drive and major energy, but yet is so so smooth. I love this alot...your music is a fave of mine here. Well done!
05/08/10 09:39:50AM @bigpete:
very funny intro you beer guzzler, a love song about beer nothing could be more Canadian than that, lol. I can see a video for this, you walking in slow motion toward the kitchen then approaching the fridg, opening the door and finding that clear bottle with the golden juice of the god... you get the idea, great one once more Bill.
Mista Perez
05/02/10 02:22:00PM @mista-perez:
Wepa!! now this was a fantastic sunday mornng listen. Your music is always inspiring to listen to....and uplifting. The organ transition is a nice touch.
05/01/10 07:17:54PM @david-c-deal:
Ah Bill, just when I forget how good you are on those guitars you put out a piece like this. The Spanish guitar is absolutely stunning.
David c Deal

05/01/10 07:20:26PM @baracasa:
Bill Ozz
05/02/10 09:19:00AM @bill-ozz:
Nice composition and dynamics with Electric & Acoustic and your recording quality and placement. I'll suck the lime and wash it down with a corona. What happened to Barry Morgan,any info?
05/02/10 11:07:22PM @tlt50:
Bro Zo... love how you worked the intro in...Perfect !! As I've said before.....your musicianship,production and skills are truly
a pleasure to experience... Pure class my friend....KUDOS !!

Larry *****

05/02/10 05:04:26PM @gary-hart:
As always my friend! Killer guitar riffs! Love this man! Solid material bro...always look forward to new music from you!! Top Shelf!!

Rock on!


05/02/10 03:38:44PM @avalanche:
Hey Bill...

Beautiful spanish guitar riffing here. I like the use of the harmony electrics to emphasize the mood. The "My Sharona" intro was cool!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)


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