Radio Play

By Lindsayjupp1, 2021-02-21
Radio Play

Songs by Strange World Music are now being played on Amazing Radio, pay them a visit and check it out.

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Radio Play

By Lindsayjupp1, 2021-02-20
Radio Play

Songs by Strange World Music are now receiving airplay on Radio Wigwam, great station, great music, they also take request.

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Help Bill B win a new Korg Mixer

By bill b, 2021-02-19
Help Bill B win a new Korg Mixer

Hi all, Im trying to win a mixer so I can start using a computer to record my music.

To win I must get the most votes. If you'd like to see a picture of my Studio and vote

please check it out here:

Please Vote

Ive been using this Boss BR 600 here for years and I would like to move up

to PC recording and this mixer would be the ticket! Its from Korg Canada so I dont think

My American freinds can enter but they can still vote I believe. Cheers,

and thanks in advance! Bill B

New Song!!!!!!!!!!!!Like Your Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!REMIX!!!!!!!!!

We have a new song!!!Tis called "Like Your Eyes"!!

We have remixed it because,we not happy about how the song starts+we have added some subtle flowery bits.Think it sounds better now.The thing is, we are aware though, that you can put too much into a song,in other words overdo it.We have overdone the title of this blog though,by putting in too many exclamation marks.So we think we have got the balance just about right on "Like Your Eyes",but if not..oh!!

When we first joined Mixposure,it took us quite a while to upload any songs,this is because..we had not got any songs!!Now we have,and love it!!We both know that Mixposure is a wonderful site,soo many talented,and incredible musicians here.People are also soo friendly.Since we have started listening to Mixposure radio,and joining in on the brilliant radio shows,we have heard such amazing and incredible songs.

Thank you April/Viaduce

Like Your Eyes

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We revised “Cry For You” today and decided that we would finish the track.  It was put on the shelf to await further production.  “Cry For You” is a soft rock ballad.  It is now ready mix and master.  As mentioned earlier, “Love To Give” will be the next project to look at.  There has also been a name change - when released “Love To Give” will now be known as “Love Me Like That”.

Hot Plimsolls!!

By Warrioth and Rowley, 2021-02-14
Hot Plimsolls!!

So,some may not know what plimsolls are!!

Plimsoll shoes,or pumps is a type of,athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole developed as beachwear in the 1830s!!

The shoe was originally,called a "sand shoe"in Britain and acquired the nickname "plimsoll" in the 1870s.

This name arose, according to Nicholette Jones's book The Plimsoll Sensation , because the coloured horizontal band joining the upper to the sole resembled the plimsoll line on a ship's hull, or because, just like the Plimsoll line on a ship, if water got above the line of the rubber sole, the wearer would get wet!!

We are both a tad old fashioned,so we have plimsolls,and played tennis in them last summer!!We also wear on the beach at the seaside,and also another nickname for Plimsolls is "Sand Shoes".They are much lighter on the feet,but after our games of tennis they felt hot!!

So this is our song "Hot Plimsolls"!!

Hot Plimsolls

Thank you!! - April/Viaduce

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Jim's Artificial Earth

By Admin, 2021-02-13

Just a heads up everyone. I have asked JimsAE to help me out with the Mixposure Administrative items so feel free to reach out to him should you have any questions or concerns. Jim has been on Mixposure since the early days and has helped out in multiple areas over the years. It is great to have the additional help on here so thanks Jim!


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New releases

By Lindsayjupp1, 2021-02-13
New releases

The very latest song to be released by 'Strange World Music' song titled 'Sihouettes' on all streaming platforms

and a recent release 'Visions Of You'  from Strange World Music' now on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

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New Song!!!Warrors Of Spiriche

By Warrioth and Rowley, 2021-02-11
New Song!!!Warrors Of Spiriche

We love Mixposure,and have recently been taking more of an active role here.So,yes Viaduce too,for she has sat in with me on the last three radio shows(very quietly). One thing we have noticed,is there is lots of rock songs,and rock musicians here at Mixposure..and we love rock music!!!!!We do however like all kinds of music genre,and we get to hear lots of all kinds of music here.

We have keyboard,piano,guitars,and sound equipment.Viaduce has a guitar called "Snow White",and chose it because of the name!!So she is brilliant on the technical side of things,and we share song writing.So then when it comes to rock music the both of us do not exactly rock!!!!

Well until now that is!!We do however listen and learn fast!!So we composed an original new song using samples,but not all,I play piano on the song,and Viaduce has added a little background guitar!!So the song is called The Warriors Of Spiriche,and!!

Warriors of Spiriche

Thank you!! - April

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