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Brian Mattson

Hello Mr. Parsons

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O.K. This is a real departure for me. I just wanted something simple and melodic in 4/4, and this is what I came up with. Obvious influence was Alan...
Hello Mr. Parsons
Rob Grant
03/20/10 10:51:21AM @rayon-vert:
Hey Brian......You gotta know I would LOVE this as well. I'm a huge theme and melody lover. The instrumentation is perfect. MAN!!!! You really freaked me with the vibes runs and the flute is very plush. Love your orchestration........I wouldn't call it "Pop" though....... :-( hehehehehehehehhehe!! GREAT TRACK!!!

03/16/10 03:33:55PM @ed-drury:
This is like a sound track for smiling and cruising along in life. Love the flute part, very breathy and cool. The entire mix is both chill and upbeat. Love the flutter tongued flute passages and little sneak riffs. Very tull like. Smooth, very smooth, yet rocks right along.
03/16/10 02:13:44PM @chrickon:
Hi Brian! Nothing wrong with keep'n it simple and melodic :)I can hear Parson but i like this better! vibe solo and harmonies behind it is exellent, the orchestra arrangement is very tasty!!!
Enjoyed this great track very much!

Fat Rat Productions
03/15/10 11:36:14PM @fat-rat-productions:
Sweet song, nice mellow good vibes, nice song! Rat!
03/16/10 10:54:22AM @ex1:
Well Brian I really Love this Track ...... It is one of those songs that I know I will want to listen to again and again. Very Mellow and uplifting feel .... I will listen to this while driving my ole Panel Truck down the coast trough Laguna Beach and on the way to San Diego. I will have an instant Music Video watching the Waves rolling in with Clouds and sea gulls moving about to this perfect mood you have put together...... You are right I really enjoyed this and it made me feel good. Excellent Bro!


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