Brian Mattson
Brian Mattson

My setup

By Brian, 2008-01-05

Thanks for viewing my site. My drum parts are played on an expanded set of Roland Pads and a Hand Sonic, which trigger various modules. I also dub in my Pearl Omar Hakim snare drum and various percussion instruments via AT 3035. I will also use the pads for solos and complex melodic content. Everything else is played on

Yamaha: S80 88 Key Controller,
Dave Smith: Evolver Keyboard
Roland: XV-5050,JP-8000,XP-30,JV-1010,MKS-70,TX7,
Korg: TR-Rack, NS5R,
EMU: ESI-4000 Digital Sampler, PROCUSSION, PROTEUS/2,

PC running Sonar 6, with tons of VST plug ins.

I hope you enjoy some of the musical adventures I've created, and come back from time to time as I will be exploring diffent genres.

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Thanks for the Reviews

By Brian, 2008-01-04

I just joined this music scene, and already I'm getting more feedback in the first two days then I was used to getting in a month. I have to thank everyone for stopping by, and say I will be checking out more of the music on this site in the near future. For now, I can only say thanks!

I'm looking forward to meeting all who take the time to share their thoughts.


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