Brian Mattson
Brian Mattson


album: Collabs
genre: Fusion
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I'm sure some of you are familiar with Mike Milillo the composer, but may have been unaware that he is a gifted sax player as well. He has rediscovered his...
05/30/09 11:47:47AM @wrightdude:
Oh yeah! very cool! Nice to hear ma man MM in action! love the breathy stuff, w/headphone sounds like Mike is inside my skull! (now there is a scarey thought!!). Yeah really nice tasty drum solo that continues the flow of conciousness so well! Crafty stuff! -Jack
05/25/09 12:15:24PM @tlt50:
Brian....I saw this posted. Had to check the info first.Mike... I do recall his amazing are a master at creating an original type groove,always displaying fantastic muscianship....and incredible production.The drum and synth(Keys) tracks are fabulous.The sax work is tremendous!!Beautifully arranged....superb songwriting. Thanks for sharing this... OUTSTANDING !!

Larry T*****

05/25/09 02:25:11PM @baracasa:
very, very nice intro, love the smooth sax, great work in this piece!, wonderful!
05/26/09 08:45:28AM @mark-reed:
This smooth, sweet and very easy. Great piece
05/26/09 06:17:45AM @mel:
Hi Brian, ooooh just love the sax intro to this, (my fave. Beautiful sultry and haunting. This is a wonderful piece of music all round, with all the different sounds you offer, you never quite know where you are being taken with you're imagination. Very artistic and super! Wishing you well, Melsi
05/26/09 09:08:11AM @robert-smith:
Very cool and full of all the good stuff. The sax is inspired. Love the break in the middle. I think the way you bring it back to the main theme with the light drum fills is great - (are those live drums?).

Ahh - gently fades out.... fantastic!

06/29/09 12:21:18PM @ex1:
Again a Masterwork for the ears ...... Love where this track takes the listener. Quite the journey Bro ....... It is great to hear your work with such an awesome Sax Man .... Mike Milillo .... Wow!
One fantastic work ..... !!!


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