Brian Mattson
Brian Mattson

Diminished Capacity

album: Collabs
genre: Jazz
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I was going for a sleepy, or dreamlike state of mind when I wrote this. Once Mike added his sax, well I knew it was magic. He captures the mood with style...
Diminished Capacity
03/17/10 11:41:24PM @tcp:
Brilliant piece in all the facets of writing and arrangement. Love the down tempo mood and accomplished use of colors and textures. Mike's totally expressive playing is superb as is everything else. Delight to listen to Brian, this is awesome stuff. Deserves to be heard!!!!!!! ..B
10/23/09 06:28:04PM @bigpete:
I could feel the wabblyness and the room spinning the confusion in the mind of the drunk person who think he is not drunk, but so well arrange by you, it has a cinematic strong feel because you convey that sense so well (to me at least this is what I feel in the emotion of this) the sax is almost like the drunk getting mad then just dropping dead drunk. Was real fun to listen to this amazing piece of creative music.
10/22/09 11:13:47PM @bluesydude:
No gripes here from what I hear. Just dripping with all kinds of soul. I love the sax and the interplay of the keys and sax. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
10/22/09 01:37:25PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
So let me get this right, this is a drinking song via the medium of instrumental jazz? To my hearing, a sort of voiceless mini drama. Hope I am right! If so very clever and engaging. My only gripe is that the piano sound would not be my favourite. ftlpope


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