The Art of Being

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Unknown
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The creation of this song began in Fall of 2009. Bill Smith (Billbozo) sent a musical section he had recorded and asked if I'd write an introduction. I was...
The Art of Being
12/21/10 09:40:17PM @djbeccac:
Just Beautiful, this is such an amazing track
12/15/10 07:51:23PM @cooter:
One of my favorite tunes. To my ears, excellent in every way. Great job, Bud, and all involved!


Farrell Jackson
12/15/10 07:37:00PM @farrell-jackson:
Great drums Bud and the song ad is fantastic! Below is the review I left at David's page. I just re-listened and all my comments still hold true...great tune!

Excellent collaboration from some very talented musical friends of mine! A powerful song David and the keys are great throughout! Nigels vox are very powerful and deliver the lyric message as only Nigel can. Bill...as stated in one of the Mix chats of how important it is to make every guitar solo note count in order to be exceptional...well you nailed it and the exceptionallity! As David mentioned in the info. section: Mr. Coonrod's fine bass playing coupled with Bud's solid drums stitches this song together to present a well defined, powerful, and professional progressive rock song....just like I like them...well done gentlemen! David thanks for directing me here to listen and comment!


12/15/10 07:26:27AM @gary-hart:
Interesting tune guys! Loved that intro!It rocks! Bill your guitars tones smoke it's a fantastic sound, as always! Nice keys on that intro David...wow!...well done! Solid vocal track Nigel! and buddy Steller drums man! You rock dude!


12/17/10 02:41:40AM @the-hip:
Hey Kevin awsome song love it from your favorite xerox tech hehehe


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