Buddrumming Fusamba

album: Buddrumming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Sort of a Samba and a little on the aggressive side...I think...hope you like!
Buddrumming Fusamba
09/14/10 02:39:17PM @cooter:
Another cool tune, Bud man. A lot of percussion going on and sounding great. Dig the bass, too.
08/02/08 12:03:26AM @vesa:
More funkiness..Dig that boss bass yeahhhh!!. like the brass, top notch production. Good arranging; very professional. Like the keys working easily its way through and around the brass..cool percussion pause...then a really fine percussion faster tempo...really nice, makes for a great variance here. Nifty fine changes. Super! Like it.
Great!! -Your friend -Vesa.

10/28/08 11:37:56AM @mark-reed:
Found your page and took a couple of your tracks at random, I'm impressed this is extremely good. well done
Grumpy Old Player
01/22/08 02:15:37PM @thedonsterproject:
Very enjoyable listen!

Got the feel of riding a raft in a river and then getting sucked into some rapidly moving rapids before coming out the other end unscathed.

Very tight performance by all involved!

01/15/08 06:54:11AM @dazed:
exceptionally well done! great production and musicianship. I am enjoying the drums and the horns. fantastic!!

welcome to iMS

01/20/08 09:03:13AM @henry-tarnecky:
The big band thing is working in this track big time.....kudo's to all involved...Viva the rhythmic changes amd skilled percussion on display


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