Buddrumming Spooky Funk

album: Buddrumming
genre: Funk
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Very Laid Back Spooky Funk...Hope you like!
Buddrumming Spooky Funk
09/05/10 02:19:06PM @cooter:
I likes me some slow walkin Spooky Funk. And this is doin it for me. Nicely done, Bud. We met briefly in the chat room the other night while Mack's CD was played, btw.

You have a wonderful touch, good sir.

03/20/08 09:37:57PM @aparition:
I just can dig this track of yours for ALL nignt man.
Right on the down beat!!!!!
Bap, bap, bap....
You have an amizingly solid sound !!!!

01/28/08 07:47:38PM @maxidogma:
Hi bud, Love this track. Would fit a Tarantino movie to a T. :)
Grumpy Old Player
01/22/08 02:18:47PM @thedonsterproject:
Another good one.

Bonus points for the genre alone! A few extra points for the great sounds you're getting from all of the instruments. Great tune and performance.

I agree with Margot - need more downloads!!

01/22/08 04:56:16AM @ab2:
I`m loving this, wonderfully laid back and so sexy...Just one problem though, I can`t down load it!!!!! eheheee....Fabulously easy to groove to, this is sooooooo what I needed to listen to...:-)

Luv n hugs

Mags xx :-)

01/19/08 09:08:50PM @richard-darren-horton:
Great groove, guitarist is feelin it. Had my toes tappin and my neck snappin fo sho.

01/17/08 05:59:53AM @robert-smith:
This sounds great - love the funky rhythm.
01/16/08 07:25:39PM @tlt50:
Bud......an awesome group of people surround you. Funk mastery ma' man.
Great groove and production.........It's a pleasure to have your fine music at iMS..........all the best,
Larry T........

Rob Grant
01/16/08 03:06:30PM @rayon-vert:
Yea, man.....I'll always have a spot for the "funk". Great groove going.....and sets a real nice feel. Loved the organ.....Welcome to IMS!! Great to see ya here!

01/16/08 12:10:58PM @buddrumming:
Thx Guys...I really appreciate all the comments ...really helps me out....kinda uplifting...lets me know if I am on the right track...you are making me feel right at home...Thx, Bud
01/16/08 04:37:56AM @diva:
Oh, yeah, this will get the rump-n-grind thang going. Very cool vive and groove. Nicely done, my friend. Very clean, solid recording. Super mix/production.


01/16/08 02:26:13AM @ab1:
bud this is my kinda beat.. funky street.. thanks for the morning treat.. way to start my day.. man give the drummer some..
sure nice to hear live.. this has room for more too.. some funky dave sanborn on there.. love the slow grind type of groove you got goin on here.. great bassline.. ym kinda jam sam.. welcome to imusic.. think you will dig it he^re.. the home of great pickers.. live musicians.. cheers.. :-)

01/18/08 01:22:02AM @rob-hanlon:
Hey Bud - very nice playing. Sounds great!


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