Buddrumming Rock Blues

album: Buddrumming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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... I think the trick is to play 4/4 on the bass drum and play ahead of the beat with your sticks on this one.... plus keep your energy up in your...
Buddrumming Rock Blues
12/08/10 08:05:29PM @josephrodz:
This tune kikazz and a great production.
01/09/10 11:47:23PM @genghisken:
This is magnificent! I love the sax and the percussion, the organ is an absolute team player. This is great stuff glad I heard this on Mack's show tonight!
Incarnate Word
08/26/09 10:02:25PM @incarnate-word:
Great job and killer groove in them there blues. Got it all in the blood.Great job. Congrats on artist of the month.
08/01/08 11:59:28PM @vesa:
Like the progression on the guitar. Nice nifty organ comes in. This has a funky sweet melodic feel...great sound; catchy tune. Love the sound mix. Very fine. This should be used for the 'Hockey Night in Canada' new theme contest. Works. Gotta love the mix of guitar and sax and organ, weaving their way around. So, so fine; superb arranging. EXCELLENT!!!****
Love it. -Vesa.

01/21/08 10:02:08AM @brian-mattson:
Something about this just feels right. Great groove with some nice keyboard work, and that jazzy sax is just the ticket!! I love it FUNKY and the drums are F U N K Y !!. Guitar just brings it all home!!
01/20/08 12:07:06PM @ab1:
back for another hit.. can't get enough of drum kits.. yeah it is catchy.. reminds me too but i can't put my finger on it..
hey.. great is great so who cares mate? this has my kinda funk
in it.. sure glad you're here bud.. man could i jam to this one.. bet everybody is thinking the same.. me jazzier than the sax.. robbo smokin the axe.. this cat ain't bad either.. lol..
he got the right feel for the funk and he can make the changes..
yeah that bass is pumpin too.. this band has got it all bro.. :-)

Rob Grant
01/20/08 10:37:19AM @rayon-vert:
OUCH!! Ya got me.......NICE Groove!! Nice bass lines....remindes me of the Crusadrers. I LOVED that band! I LOVE THIS TRACK!! FUNK ++++ Great Job!

01/20/08 12:57:01AM @buddrumming:
Thx, I forget how Sanford and Son goes...I know I like that song though....Thx, Bud
01/20/08 12:22:53AM @surfnorthwest:
Wow this is really professional stuff here. Nice vibe through the entire song, the song would work great as a TV show theme. It kept reminding me of the theme to Sanford and Sons.

The Sax and the guitar riff are juicy,the keys keep the background covered... great stuff.

01/20/08 08:59:01AM @henry-tarnecky:
Alright.... get it together.. and get it strong.... I like this one.. it feels great.. as a keyboardist I love the orgsn work and of course the guit, bass drums and sax is just top notch! Hot stuff!!!


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