Buddrumming Little Metal Rocker

album: Buddrumming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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I think this tune is a good one to ask your lover to have a dance or something like that....Kinda takes you back to into the 80's ....Hope you enjoy........
Buddrumming Little Metal Rocker
08/31/09 09:55:49AM @david-c-deal:
Your title is perfect on this one. Nothing too big but everything "just right". Very enjoyable, smooth listen!
David c Deal
p.s. I read earlier reviews and I find it refreshing when the guitars are mixed "inside" the mix instead of out front. (guitarists..! lol)

01/14/09 11:31:10AM @vesa:
Never too late for a Buddrumming new or ole tune. Love the way this kicks at the start. Very tasty guitar in the airwaves...soars so fine. Great sound all around as always you pick out a fine melodic, super arranging. FAB production. All instruments in their perfect placement. Like that phrasing; catchy stuff; well thought through-this one really stays in my head well; most uplifting tune. Love it Bud.
EXCELLENT. Glad I got some time to get here.
-Your Ontariario friend & fan. Keep at it good friend.
-Vesa.(Into my faves)

01/08/09 08:55:19AM @test200:
Impressive kit you have there Bud..Nice!! Like the sound off your toms. This track has a great melodic feel to it, I like the guitar lead sound.
Anthem type rocker, enjoyed!!

10/28/08 11:47:24AM @mark-reed:
This certainly shows your versatility, glad I found your page. I'll be back for more very well done
05/08/08 04:01:20AM @ab1:
that's lovely orchestral string writing in the intro bud.. into a smooth groove with a really evocative guitar sound.. man that EVH jump reminding vibe to it is a real winner and very catchy.. what i love most though are those live drums bud.. i gotta get cured of machines man.. this is the only way to go.. live and well as hell!!.. I like that lead theme in there.. nice tone on that axe.. this is groovin to the max.. this rock don't need no sax.. diggin it front to back.. kudos drummer man.. :-)
Luca Wulf
05/03/08 04:07:14PM @huge-artist:
Very nice song writing indeed.
Nice melody and a kind of van halen feel ouot the song...
Some nice guitar work indeed.
I would bring those up a tad.
The drums are nice,crisp and clean.
Just for me,the old guitarist,more volume please on the guitars,we tend to get deaf as we get older LOL
But no,in all seriousness...
A very nicely written piece,I really like the whole feel to the song.
Most enjoyed.


04/29/08 01:55:54AM @ab2:
I`ve been trying to find the time to come listen to this new song of yours, fitting it in before I go off to the Alps again...:-) This one sounds like it could easily fit into the soundtrack genre...This my first listen of the day, of a couple of days actually and have to say....It`s another winner from you...A really nice listen....:-)

Peace n love Mags xx :-)

04/24/08 09:09:41AM @brian-mattson:
Great groove, but I've come to expect that from you. The guitar lines are so melodic and fresh, great job!
04/19/08 11:19:34PM @dazed:
Love this! Sounds great!! Volume needs to come up. I had everything maxed and it was not loud enough. sent you a pm :)
Rogers-Tennison Band
04/20/08 12:20:46AM @rogers-tennison-band:
You know this is a superb song. But, I just get feeling good about something I have done and then I listen to this and I realize how much more I have to do to even get average. Really a great effort and result. Bud, I hope you know you do set the bar a little high for the rest of us mortals.
04/19/08 11:59:55PM @buddrumming:
Hey Bro.... I remixed and brought up the volume....let me know if it was enough....Thx, Bud
04/20/08 09:39:43AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Excellent piece Bud. Gives me a real 80s vibe which is good, I loved the music back then. FANTASTIC groove. I did find the volume a tad low still but that's an easy fix. Great work my friend, thoroughly enjoyed!
04/20/08 12:55:10PM @tlt50:
Yea....Bud, A classy sweet groovin' tune .Superb progression with outstanding musicianship.......EXCELLENT listen !!!
04/20/08 05:48:42PM @richard-john:
Excellent song. Nice chord sequence, lovely melody and as everyone has said, a very cool groove.


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