Make me do anything you Want - Buddrumming

album: Buddrumming
genre: Classic Rock
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Make me do anything you Want - Terri - Lynn Puckett - vocals - Andrew McCormack - vocals - slide guitar - Rodney Gray - background vocals - Farrell Jackson...
Make me do anything you Want - Buddrumming
Barefoot Music
10/12/18 07:37:20AM @barefoot-music-group:
Wow Bud this is a very moving vocally! Fabulously done.
10/07/18 10:27:57PM @moquinn:
Wow! take my breath away ~ agree with all the previous comments about this song/collab, heard this song a couple of times on MixPosure radio & as @carol-sue says it does put me floating in the air.....to a peaceful place ~ excellent job to everyone involved in this production ~ & thanks for the background story also
carol sue
09/30/18 07:56:14PM @carol-sue:
Puts me floating in the air..
Love this!!


09/29/18 10:16:47PM @lorne-reid:
Great job by all. Smooth drumming, vocals, guitar, keys, you name it. All with emotion and great feel.
Farrell Jackson
09/28/18 11:46:38AM @farrell-jackson:
WOW! This song sounds fantastic Bud! You did an excellent job of pulling it all together, recording, engineering, production and mixing! To my ears it sounds as good or better than the original. Good work Kevin! Thanks for inviting me to help get this cool song rolling. Everyone involved did fantastic performances to make it something very special. Bravo to all!



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