Buddrumming Tidal Wave Blues

album: Buddrumming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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This song is Richie Rock Star and I sitting on a beach having a cool one and we look up and see a Huge Tidal Wave coming at us....hold on for the ride I...
Buddrumming Tidal Wave Blues
01/13/10 09:54:42PM @genghisken:
Man what a jam!!! Love that groove line, and the drums man the drums!! Soooo glad I heard this on Mix Patrol with Justin Jones tonight!
04/01/09 09:31:11AM @blue-sahara:
Great sound here Bud. Lovin' the retro sound in here. Nicely arranged and performed! Really enjoyed it!

04/10/09 08:07:01PM @vesa:
Cool start with your FAB drumming shining away...love this groove, a classic piece..fine sound; neat effects of sounds. Like the keys, great addition, good synth and sounds like a row of horns...very authentic,(sure sounds like it)- fine tempo change with that cool techno phrasing repeating tingling my senses, then an outpouring of fine fast fingered guitar soloing. This is well arranged, great sound levels; FAB production & fine mix. Just everything is put out front at the end, so well done; what a sound!!! A real fave, Bud. Smashing production! Truly an EXCELLENT artistry.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

03/20/08 09:36:05PM @aparition:
Totally Pro Budd!

Your drums are excellent and the feel in ALL your music has a lot of the Great Santana's energy.
I'm going now listening though ALL your music...

03/20/08 08:06:20AM @ab2:
What a groove...Love that wonderful vibe...Has an Allman Bros feel that`s hitting the spot...So raunchy....There`s none of your songs I`ve listened to that I don`t like....Excellent work here as always...Bud-drummin? He sure is...!!!!!

Peace n love Mags xx :-)

03/19/08 08:29:47AM @bri-an:
Very kool ride on this wave BuD! love the groove big time! drums and guitar are great!....but wooooooo! that bass player is just a smokin!! EnjOyED!!
03/19/08 04:22:20AM @ab1:
glad you changed the tidal bud.. that would have been my only gripe.. lol.. this has that kick butt strokin that i love so strong.. my kind of intensity.. a rock shuffle.. my kind of song.. love your live drums bro.. damn.. you in a band? lol..
I miss playing with drummers man.. I'm sure you understand..
nice guitar riffin for sure.. ritchie blackmore eh?.. good blow rich man.. like the jazz influence in your phrases.. cheers bud.. thanks for the great jam..

03/19/08 02:52:11AM @buddrumming:
This song is Richie Rock Star and I sitting on a beach having a cool one and we look up and see a Huge Tital Wave coming at us....hold on for the ride I say....Thx Richie for pulling a few strings for me and a having a few cool ones too.....alway a pleasure.....Hope you enjoy.....Thx, Bud
Luca Wulf
05/06/08 10:55:12AM @huge-artist:
Another solid,cracking rock song.
Excellent msuicanship in this,very tight throughtout.
Excellent bass and guitar work,brass,yeah,gotta love that.
Was disappointed when it ended because Iw as so in the flow with it and that is always the mark of a great song.
Excellent,most definately enjoyed.

03/20/08 05:22:14AM @robert-smith:
Wowee - this is great sounding stuff!


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