Love me like a Man - Big Blast Band

album: Big Blast Band
genre: Blues
streams: 43
creation date: 2022-12-04

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Love me like a  Man - Melisa - vocals - Freeman - Bass - Brian Gauci - guitars - keys - Kevin -Buddrumming- Marcy - drums Love me like a Man written by Chris...
Love me like a Man - Big Blast Band
carol sue
12/09/22 10:27:22AM @carol-sue:
Pulled me in and didn't let me go.
Greatness here. Bravo! *****

12/07/22 08:34:40PM @lodato:
This sure is nice! Beautiful mix too!
tony cee
12/06/22 05:19:35AM @tony-cee:
superb vocals great mix fantastic listen ......cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
12/05/22 08:37:21AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh, I like me some blues in the morning! Great blues vocal by Melissa. The bass has vintage sound like it's coming from a mic'ed Fender Bassman amp, nice. The guitar is crystal clear with just a hint of an overdriven tube amp and it's played well. Excellent drums and engineering Bud! I like how you held off the bass and drums until the second verse, cool!


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