Love on the Brain - Big Blast Band

album: Big Blast Band
genre: Blues
streams: 22
creation date: 2022-12-12

  Song Information
Love me like a Man - Melisa - vocals - Freeman - Bass - Brian Gauci - guitars - keys - Kevin Buddrumming Marcy - drums Love on the Brain written by Joseph...
Love on the Brain - Big Blast Band
12/13/22 02:49:56PM @buddrumming:
Hey thx for the rockin write up... so much appreciated!!!!
carol sue
12/13/22 06:33:43AM @carol-sue:
Love on the brain...
I love that title and how you all have joined in so closely with your talents to create this amazing track.
::applause:: Very much enjoyed! *****

Farrell Jackson
12/12/22 09:46:38AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent vocal work by Melisa, she's the star of this song! Tight drumming Kevin, bass, guitar, and keys. The star can't shine without a good band backing her up. I commend the band for letting Melisa step into the spotlight. Great engineering and mix Kevin!


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