Toughen Up - Michael Patrick and Friends

album: Michael Patrick
genre: Blues
streams: 50
creation date: 2023-12-15

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Toughen Up  - Michael Patrick - lead vocals - guitar - Scott Macleod - bass - Buddrumming (Kevin Marcy) - drums - Joel Spilette - keys - Pierre Komen-sax -...
Toughen Up - Michael Patrick and Friends
carol sue
12/19/23 09:09:52AM @carol-sue:
Oh, the music life stories you could tell! :)
Listening to this makes me want to get out and see a live band again...
filled with energy, great friends and good times!
Congratulations to you all~ much enjoyed! *****

Farrell Jackson
12/16/23 01:03:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Good stuff Bud and friends! Man Scott knows how to walk that bass. I dig the horns and that sax solo is tight as is the organ solo. Good vocals and your drums are keeping it all together...love the snare accents. The Strat-ish guitar solo is a perfect fit. Nicely done all!
Rob Grant
12/16/23 12:51:49PM @rob-grant:
Diggin' it, Bud!! The bass player knows his runs well. Sax id great. Graet sounding organ. All together, very cool!! Guitarist is very clean, love the strat tone.
Gary Dabrowski
12/16/23 09:19:56AM @gary-dabrowski:
kool!...nice tight band...a real toe tappin', finger snappin' toon!


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