Buddrumming Major X treme

album: Buddrumming
genre: Instrumental Rock
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  Performing on Major X Treme LimeyLuke - guitar Richie Rockstar - guitar Bilbozo - guitar & keyboards Matt the Rocker - Congas Scott (bassman) Macleod...
Buddrumming Major X treme
11/21/09 03:05:23PM @avalanche:
Hi Bud...

Great track here...super drum sound...tight and dry...hard to do. Nice guitar work from all involved on this one. Nice synth pads. Outstanding production.
First rate!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

04/18/09 12:57:25PM @wrightdude:
Powerfull piece! I get a Jeff Beck vibe, maybe "Guitar Shop" timeframe? Yeah I heard this on Mike-K's show too! Blew me away! Had to come back for more!
Rob Grant
02/13/09 09:46:34PM @rayon-vert:
Just heard this on Mike K's radio show and have to say, I was quite Blown Away.......AWESOME POWER!!! Super performance by ALL!! Thanks for sharing with the Download!!!

02/01/09 04:25:41AM @david-c-deal:
This is just such a cool song structure. It is full of surprises and music twists. I love the build and it is just superb. Wonderful creation guys!!
01/31/09 11:04:32AM @justin-jones-band:
Hey, Bud, loving this track. Good to hear it's getting the air time on the radio shows it deserves. Awesome arrangement, production, and sound. And, man, the drums have got it going on, as usual! Always a pleasure, Brother....Justin
03/13/09 09:35:15AM @that-never-was:
Very Very cool, loved it all. Great track.
William - That Never Was

Jasmine Tea
01/10/09 12:36:43AM @jasmine-tea:
Oh yeah! This one rocks my socks off! Love how it builds to the climactic ending. Xtremely hot song. :)
01/07/09 10:53:35PM @tlt50:
Bud.....Yo.... awesome line-up of talent on this track ,and it shows....with a superb listen. Killar' drums ,nice production,bass and guitar work was fantastic. Awesome track.....bro !! Well done....:-)

Larry T.....

01/07/09 09:58:16PM @mike-kohlgraf:
X-treme to the max!!! This is a happening Rocker, Bud!!! Great vibe and energy! Love the lead guitar as well ... all in all, this is a "giddy-up" tune in my book! AND it's on my show this SNR!


01/06/09 01:04:15PM @digger-stone:
you got your self a keeper here! i like every thing about it.
great tone on the guitars,rock solid bass and drum grove with some killer changes to keep it intresting!

also diggin the siren in there, thats so cool!

01/06/09 12:49:27PM @austn:
Wild thump'n ROCK'N power-house rhythm track, wickedly tight with a solid bass line... then the off tempo scale down lines R Xtremely awesome and un characteristicly Nlightning, they fit sooooo tasty...awesome blues/jam fusion of progressive attitude electric solo guitar play'n that stirs the fire above those churning beatZ tracks below N the foundation that cooks on LavaROXXX... dynamix R used very attractively with attitude...Budd this one Cooks and an Xcellent way 2 start 2009 off with BANG!!!Give us some more... ThanX 4 the listN, & sharing YR talents and skills with us...~Austn
01/06/09 10:21:19AM @vesa:

01/06/09 09:15:12AM @hydrogen3:
Love this cool rock/funk beat style! Reminds of the good old days of Grand Funk Railroad!! Very well done!! Holley :)
01/06/09 09:05:43AM @bri-an:
Love the depth of this arrangement!..solid foundation! love to hear a fellow drummer kickin it out! ....me likes !
01/06/09 06:51:52AM @dazed:
Sweet tune guys! What awesome guitar playing! Sweet, sweet solos!! That drummer is not bad either :). You shine on this track Bud!
01/06/09 04:55:11AM @richard-john:
Love the build up and the cool funky feel with touches of jazz in the soloing. The guitar work is clear, well phrased and imaginative the way it glides over the changes in beat and chord progressions. Good stuff!

01/06/09 04:50:22AM @brian-mattson:
Nice feel, with some rocking guitar work going on. Your drumming is very solid!
01/06/09 02:24:05AM @autopilot-club:
Very nice buildup with the variations here, leading up to that heavy ending. Like the way the suspense is released after the 2min mark. Very nice playing here, excellent jam.
01/05/09 08:40:21AM @mark-reed:
Clever piece this, your drumming carries some excellent musical ideas. Like the way the sequences vary yet follow on so naturally. I liked this one great work well done
03/02/09 06:39:56PM @tcp:
Love it....heard on the radio a number of times and had to go seek it out. Superb sound Bud...in all ways. You've certainly captured the drum kit so sweetly too. Great tunage and an exciting song. Love all the guitar and bass work. Excellent. ~Blake
01/07/09 07:29:56AM @josephrodz:
Awesome drivin' kikazz rock.


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