CC Dreaming - Tribute to the Moma's and Papa's

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Unknown
streams: 300
creation date: 2009-05-11

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Performing on our Tribute to the Moma's and Papa'sBill (Bilbozo) Smith - keyboards, rhythm and acoustic guitarsKephas - lead guitar solo and percussionMack...
CC Dreaming - Tribute to the Moma's and Papa's
11/13/14 03:26:36PM @mikewhitepresents:
fantastic solo on this track..beautifully smooth, soulful interpretation and very cool to hear the sax licks in there too..killer arrangement!
Barefoot Music
08/30/14 06:49:32PM @barefoot-music-group:
I know I am a mixposure late bloomer Bud, but what an awe-inspiring cover this is. I just wanted to say it's become an addition to my personal play lists. Thank you for sharing, even though I am so late to the party. ;)
Farrell Jackson
04/28/12 03:00:01PM @farrell-jackson:
This is such a nice remake of this M&P's song Bud and crew. I like the Latin flare with the percussion and drums. Mack's always fine vocal is icing on the cake. Bill's nylon string rhythms and stabs are perfect and Kephas finishes it off real well. Nice one Bud!


11/21/10 02:14:09AM @jusananomaly:
Sooo soo good..this is melodic candy ..that flute is a beauty..since I'm a real California girl I love this one.
Would love to play it on the show some times let me know.

Doctor C
07/17/09 09:22:05AM @doctor-c:
Wow! This is some trubute! What a wonderful version of the great song. The solo instruments are way too cool, especially the sax. Awesome!
05/13/09 06:40:42PM @dazed:
Loved what you guys did with this. Talk about a top notch group of musicians! You guys should tour!
05/12/09 11:41:23PM @buddrumming:
Hey Bros...yea i put it up so my Mom could find it and have a listen...she is Momas and Papas Fan......she has a hard time on the computer finding things..lol...Thx, Bro

05/12/09 12:38:25AM @gary-reed:
Beautiful job. I really enjoyed this rendition. Very engaging. Nice job on the mix.
Mike A
08/12/09 02:05:51AM @mike-aurigemma:
Cool interpretation of a classic. Nice mix, good balance and fidelity. Great acoustic guitar work the Latin flavor works very well for this tune.
08/12/09 09:07:41AM @vesa:
mmmm? I thought I reviewed it...I guess I loved listening to this many times, forgot to write...such a great rendition. Like it better than the original. It is just DYNAMIC! What a perfect blend of artists...love that acoustic cascading Spanish style phrases, Mack just soars so gently here with fine, fine vocals. Sweet flute,& yes indeed a mean sax, fab guitar solo, great percussion, good keys -you got it all here Bud. What more can a song ask. This has the breeze blowing warmly across my face and hair as I cruise down the coatal highway of musical magic here.
SUPERB production. Simply a high energy enjoyable tune, right from the first chords. The best cover I've heard, since I don't know when.
EXCELLENT*****love it.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

05/11/09 11:37:15PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful guitar work Bud. Vocals are perfect on this, Mack I believe? Wonderful tribute to the m + p!
David C Deal


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