Buddrumming Latin Soul Xperience

album: Buddrumming
genre: Latin Rock
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Buddrumming Latin Soul Xperience Scott ‘Bassman’ Macleod - fretless bass - Buddrumming - drums - percussionBilbozo - guitar - spanish acoustic guitar- keys...
Buddrumming Latin Soul Xperience
09/13/10 01:48:49AM @jusananomaly:
What a powerhouse of a collab, this has everything and a little extra. Great tempo, pace, love the sly way is slides down and gritty, so funky! excellent excellent music.
07/21/10 07:57:17AM @mel:
Love that you anticipate the intro as it builds, then that beautiful latino sound begins. This has everything, a wonderful beat, classic, rock, latin, jazzy, all mixed in together like a hotpot of instrumentals! Hot and very free, I bet you all enjoyed working on this. Wishing you well, Melsi
07/17/10 11:49:07AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Thundering drumming and alternating between latin rock and freeform (I caught a jazz or latin classic in there somewhere) - some much going on , almost a jam and exciting for all that. ftlpope
07/16/10 03:16:09AM @bilbozo:
Great Latin Tune Bud...always a pleasure to make music with you and the boys. Scott & Joseph, you guys really rocked it. - Bilbozo
07/24/10 12:44:31AM @tlt50:
Freakin' killar' intro.....sets the stage for this superb track.The talent in this collab is mind blowing .!! The drums and bass....solidify this listen.Creativity....musicianship....,masterful production....this has it ALL !! GREAT work guys...FABULOUS !! AwwwwwwwwwOoooooooooooo !!

Larry T *****

07/23/10 12:02:29AM @planetjazzbass:
Hey Bud....excellent track mate....fantastic drumming!really superb skin work!..on many occasions I've sat down on kits and had a bash,being able to do it properly must be so cool,it's pretty hard to make a dud track when you wheel out muso's of this calibre.....I have apparently 1% Latin blood in me lol,but I don't need that to groove along with this number...add all your production smarts and you have an instant favourite..Viva Soul Xperience! cheers Dave :)


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