Ready for You - Justin Jones - Bilbozo - Rob Grant - Buddrumming

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Ready for You - Justin Jones - vocals - guitars - keys - Bilbozo - guitars - Rob Grant - bass - Buddrumming - Drums & percussion

A little tribute for our musical friend 'Justin Jones'...Just like to say a few words back when ...2008 and 2009, Justin was writing and collabing with a lot of mixposure artists... Justin was learning to record at home so we were a work in progress learning to swap files and write together...He also was a very kool DJ in the mix chat room... he was awesome! great energy and very funny... we were always sending tracks to each other ... Ready for You was the last tune we were workin on ... Justin just sent me all tracks.. Justin also had bassist Rob Grant lay down a smokin bass track... Rob Grant is an amazing seasoned veteran musician and has done some major bass collabing... my friend guitarist Bilbozo also sent me some rockin tracks... so I thought I would mix this tune and just let you hear how good a rocker I think Justin Jones is ... so from the boyz in the band we hope you enjoy Ready for You...written & performed by Justin Jones.... thx, Bud

“Ready for You” written by Justin Jones - produced by Buddrumming - recorded at: Buddrumming Studios - Justin & Bilbozo sent recording tracks - engineered, and mixed at Buddrumming Studios 2013 (BC, CANADA)

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ROCKIN' track folks!


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