When something is wrong with my Baby - The Houserockers - Live at Salt Spring

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Duration: 00:05:38
Lee Worden - lead vocals - keys - guitar - Lindsay Martell - vocals - guitar - Todd Sacerty - bass - Kevin (Bud) Marcy - drums & percussion

I mixed these guys this night...it was one of the coolest gigs ever at the Harbor House on Saltspring Island....the band was "on", the mix was "on' and the room was full and the energy was unreal!! I'll remember this weekend forever...it was a real pleasure to mix this line up - sound tech Colin Caryk

Todd Sacerty remember? You brought the SVT with the 8x10 cabinet? - Colin Caryk

ha! All I had back then - Todd Sacerty

There's a band I'd like to see back at The Queens! - Brian Hazelbower (CHLY 101.7 DJ)

Oh what a great tune. Love that cool guitar sound and admire your voices. Brilliant. Cool and all my compliments to You. - H.G.Hooker Green

We always had a blast playing Salt Spring ... staff was awesome! ... Oh Yea... loved the rockin all nite parties after the gig... Buddrumming

. ... we as a group have probably just gotten together to jam for a couple of nights at the Salt Spring Hotel..... i think i was the only regular member of the Houserockers at this time..This is recorded live in the nineties of the soundboard by our good rockin friend & sound tech Colin Caryk at the Harbour House in Salt Spring, BC Canada -

When something is wrong with my Baby (Written by Isaac Hayes / David Porter) - produced by Kevin Marcy - assistant producer Scott Macleod - Remixed at Buddrumming Studios, Nanaimo BC Canada


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