New Orleans is Sinking - Ian Perry with The Houserockers - Live at the Queens

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:00
New Orleans is Sinking - Ian Perry - vocals - guitar - The Houserockers - Luke Davison - guitar - Neil Evans - bass - Dan Dube - keys - Kevin (Bud) Marcy - drums

Really like to thank my good friend Ian Perry for joining us on stage for my birthday .... Ian Perry has been such an musical inspiration for me ... Ian and I have been been rockin together since he was 9 years old in the recording studio ... Ian is only 14 now I believe ... Ian has such a great musical career in front of him... luv rocking out with my buddy - Buddrumming

We were celebrating our good friend two-time CCMA (Canada Country Music Awards) artist Kevin (Bud) Marcy for making over 4 decades of entertaining and making music .....plus birthday boy for making it to 60 years old, Thursday, Sept 17 at the Queens Hotel in Nanaimo. We were raising a little money for our favourite charity "Nanaimo Blues Society" and yes, we did do a little jamin!


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