People get Ready - Tribute to Eva Cassidy - Bill Smith - Dan Dube - Scott Macleod - Kevin Marcy

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Duration: 00:03:54
People get Ready - A Tribute to Eva Cassidy - Bill Smith - guitars - Dan Dube - keys - Scott Macleod - bass - Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums

Eva Cassidy was a soprano singer of jazz, folk and blues, from Washington DC. She sadly passed away in 1996 from cancer at the young age of 33. She attained recognition posthumously after Bill Straw, a blues record producer asked the Cassidy family to put together a compilation of her recordings. Several of those releases eventually reached gold and platinum status. Cassidy was a huge talent, whose obscurity during her lifetime was almost as much a tragedy as her early death. Paul McCartney, Sting, Eric Clapton and Mick Fleetwood were among her new-found fans

People get Ready written by Curtis Mayfield - Produced by Bill Smith - assist. producer: Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - recorded at Hidden Missions Studios and Buddrumming Studios - Nanaimo BC Canada
07/08/21 01:51:29PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
Is so nice,to do this.Eva was wonderful.


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