Over and Over Melody (part 2) - Buddy Knox and the Party Dolls Live!

Category: Music
Duration: 00:06:18
Buddy Knox & the Party Dolls Live! Over and Over melody - Buddy Knox - lead vocals - guitar - Lou Earl - guitar - vocals - Robbie Keene - guitar - vocals - Andy Hosulak - keyboards - harmonica -congas- Phil LaMarche (Lulu) - bass - vocals - Kevin (Bud) Marcy - drums and percussion

We had a good time rockin with Buddy Knox... I toured with Buddy twice in my career and we had a blast both times... I think the last tour I did with Buddy was over 6 years in the late seventies.... Yep... I do know a lot of stories ...Okay one story... one of Buddy's proudest moments was at Ranchmans Calgary when 3 Dog Knight joined us on stage (that was one of Buddy's first backup bands) ...... he always treated us musicians, friends and fans with alot of respect... Buddy had alot of personnality and charisma on stage especially with his fans ... he always had a way to make you feel special in his own little way... no matter where Buddy Knox and the Party Dolls performed we always tried to be the best damm rockabilly band in the world... so on behalf of Buddy Knox and the Party Dolls ... we all hope you enjoy this rockabilly legend gentleman Buddy Knox, recorded live on radio at Danny Hoopers Stockyard nightclub in Edmonton, Alberta..... Kevin (Bud) Marcy - drummer & leader of the Party Dolls


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