Wicked Sensation - Bilbozo - Buddrumming - Scott Macleod - Maks Rayvan

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:18
Wicked Sensation - Maks Rayvan - lead - backup vocals - Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - guitar - backup vocals - Scott Macleod - bass - Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums

Wanna thank Maks Rayban, is about 25 years old. Young guy such a talented musician layed down a great vocal track. He is from the Ukraine but he lives in Portugal. Like to thank Scott Macleod from Tennessee laying down some great bass on this tune... my buddy ... Bill Smith just keeps rockin out as a studio musician ..... great all around musician and composer .... always gives me a work out on the drums .... from the boyz in the band we hope you like Wicked Sensation - thx, Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy

Wicked Sensation written by George Lynch - produced by Bill (Bilbozo) Smith
engineered by Bilbozo and Buddrumming - recorded at Hidden Missions Recording Studio drums recorded at Buddrumming Studios - Nanaimo, BC Canada 2023


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