Carciello, Grant, Doctor C, Farrell and Friends
Carciello, Grant, Doctor C, Farrell and Friends


genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 133
creation date: 2009-04-11

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  The Kite (V1) Flying a kite… on grassy greens Fond memories…. of childhood dreams There were no worries…. or cares to be found Except if the kite…. came...
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Gentle Giant......hmmmmmm??? Remember them?? Always one of my favorite. The bass player, Ray Schulman, always played really neat riffs and I always wanted...
Incarnate Word
03/23/10 01:41:24AM @incarnate-word:
Man this is great. I have got all kinds of visions running through my head. like YES. Excellent production. Great Job.
04/27/09 10:07:17PM @ace-layton:
Wonderfully light and fun start with such a flowing feel and pace. Super perfomances by all. Very playful bass part, Rob-O! And Gary, Doc C and Ferrell layer just the right touches on top to really make this thing soar! I dislike making artistic comparisons, but I do get the most beautiful feeling of early Banks era Yes, and even just a touch of mid 60's psychodelia, not that it's dated sounding, just to innocent and free. Nice organ solo by Doc C too (as usual!!!) Think I'll haul out my ol' bat kite and give it a little string, while I give this song another spin too! Thanks for the art, guys!!!


05/02/09 07:25:27PM @david-c-deal:
Hey Guys, Gentle Giant? Now I always did like that group. Remember that song about Roadies and dogs.
Anyhow, very solid tribute to them. That bass line is especially good. I enjoyed the vocals also.
David C Deal

04/23/09 05:47:51PM @vesa:
Love this start...whirling my head around and sideways...a really cool sound collage...great synth artistry, fine guitar work. It has the feel of a jig or reel, the rhtyhm is cool. Fine singing, right up front & well complimented with a fave organ sound. Quite the group here; fine chemistry, love those harmonies & such fine interchange of soaring sizzling seering guitars, a very fine arranging, with a solid backbeat of cool bass & really fine percussion. Great guitar sounds...this really moves guys. Love the wah addition...quite the build up & simple a TOP NOTCH PRODUCTION.
SUPERB!!**** pick one. Great! -Into my faves. -Vesa.

04/13/09 07:33:19PM @tcp:
Really quite an awesome and a real upper of a song. Solid performances by everyone surprise at all. Well, well written. Rob it's wonderful to hear you back on bass..I miss that man. Always great lines and playing. One of my fave parts was Gary and Doc trading leads, with Rob basically bass arping underneath. Superb writing, and Farrell belting it out. I agree with WHP, there definitely is a Yes feel going on. LOVED IT. A winner for sure. ..Blake
04/12/09 06:11:26PM @tlt50:
Gents.....from the intro ,superb synth and bass grooves...this tune is fantastic.Loved the production and arranging. Farrell's vocals are sweet , perfect for this track.The interplay of the synth and guitar is stellar.
All of DrC's keys are OUTSTANDING. Rob ,the bass and drum tracks are awesome bro.You guys deliver the goods with musical excellence.
KUDOS on another fabulous song !!!
Larry T.....

04/12/09 12:07:13PM @blue-sahara:
Man what a tune!!! Whenever you guys come up with a new one, I know right away I won't be disappointed! Doctor, I've always admired your incredible skills on the keys ... like rubber fingers flying up and down the scale producing a fantastic soundscape. Gary, as always guitar work is awesome, and so is Rob's bass ... truly an asset to each of your songs. And Farrell - man - what a performance. I so love your voice here, you sound so convincing and sure of yourself. Almost got a Jeff Lynne quality to it!!! Yes, I can definitely hear ELO here ...
Abosultely outstanding folks!! Big fan here!

Lyrical Princess
04/12/09 12:51:12PM @lyrical-princess:
This Is A Really FUN Song Guys. Takes Me Back To Raising My Boys. Teaching Them How To Make Their Own Kites. (Was Cheaper That Way) Lots Of Trees Where We Lived ..LOL.. Anyway, Back to your song :)) Love Your Voice Farrell... And The Instrumental Worked Perfectly To Tie Your Words Together Rob.. Very Nice Song To Start Spring Off With.. Awesome Production.. Wonderful Collab.. Bravo To All Involved.. All The Best,Linda/LP
04/12/09 06:29:30PM @sohigh:


Peace and Love from Israel,

Can tell you your music is marvelous.
The compositions are very interesting in terms of what it tends to bring out in each of the musicians..
Much Respect!

have a wonderful adn safe week!

Shimon Afriat,
and the musical projects crew,hugs from Shimon and each one here in Israel,!


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