Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band


album: Captivated
genre: Vocal
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08/13/20 10:35:11PM @moquinn:
surprised to see that so many people like this song & no one has clicked on the Like icon ~ not exactly sure what that does anyway
but, I do really like this song for a bunch of reasons ~ yeah, I know so technical ~ I love the liveliness of this song, the lyrics, great vocals & I love Amethyst Voila!!

09/14/10 10:57:57PM @michael-frazier:
Very creative. Love the piano and the vocals. Weaving, dancing, playing. Enjoyed this tune - thanks for the listen.
01/09/10 06:36:25PM @genghisken:
Dazzling vocals! Beautiful voice range and sustains, excellent piano accompanyment, superior song!
stephan foster
10/05/09 08:11:47PM @stephan-foster:
Love everything, especially the vocal! Great work!

09/26/09 10:30:52AM @bigpete:
great production and performances, beautiful voice, its all there five stars, great track, thigh band.
09/22/09 10:36:50PM @n0mad23:
This is my favorite track of yours (so far) for largely the same reasons as AMTone's. This is really interesting, groovy, and lovely work. I've had to fave it as I'll be wanting to hear it regularly. Beautiful arrangement and vibe.
sly puppy
10/08/08 03:58:59PM @emocion:
Once agian you have hit the mark here.

Glowing piano performance and stellar vocal/songwriting.

Top notch .


10/01/08 02:15:48PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hi Claire, I have to say that this piece has "HIT" written all over it! The arrangement is brilliant with the opening piano work! Your vocals are up there with some of the best I've ever heard! What's more? The lyrics are outstanding... they "talk to me!".


PS: Thanks for Gina/WildHoneyPie pointing me your pay. Expect a PM - want to play your music on my show!

10/01/08 01:41:22PM @ab1:
love that progressive percussive piano.. with ethnic percussion sounds.. into a sort of techno pulse with country rock harmonies and figures.. like bruce hornsby.. especially at the big cadence before the break.. very much like bruce's famous tune.. and i'm sure he would have loved to have you sing with his band claire.. you would be at home in nashville style.. this has some joni mitchell in it too.. but you are your own artist claire.. this was fresh.. lovely.. .-)
09/30/08 01:19:04PM @ab2:
Fabulous piano playing here...What a vocal performance...I`m a huge fan of Kate Bush, Dido etc. but the way I`m thinking sitting here and listening to you I think you have the power and sweetness in your voice to outshine them all...I`m so very impressed with what I`ve heard from you...These are very nice lyrics too..:-)I feel as though you must`ve had some kind of Japanese influence, your voice is an absolute pleasure Claire, really...:-)
Good luck, I hope you`re found soon...:-)

Peace n love Mags :-)

Farrell Jackson
09/30/08 11:38:06AM @farrell-jackson:
Right on Claire! You have an excellent voice with great control and you sound so comfortable in the wide range! I guess there was music backing you up but I was so captivated by your vocal performance that I forgot to listen to the rest. That calls for another listen :o) Great singing!


09/30/08 09:47:37AM @blue-sahara:
Oh yeah, this is a wonderful production, Claire! Your vocals are top-notch! The performances on all instruments are outstanding - I was thrilled by the piano (being a keyboard player myself). Wonderful, simply wonderful! Congratulations!

09/29/08 07:14:30PM @dazed:
outstanding!! killer vocal performance and keyboards Mix is clean as can be. no complaints here! Welcome to Mixposure!
09/29/08 06:19:29PM @emphyrio:
Wow, You have a great voice...Great timbre and transpositions.
It goes straight into my soul.

Wonderfull music. Cool piano playing and very good percussions with a very tight drum.

As I am a Saggitarius, Amethyst is my favorite stone and color ;)

Outstanding poduction, I very much enjoyed it.

Emphyrio :)

09/29/08 12:18:52PM @claire-cameron-band:
I'm really pleased to hear that it is enjoyed as much as I enjoy producing it! Thank you :)
09/29/08 12:11:25PM @idiom:
Fantastic arrangement, and your voice is just flowing effortlessly. As Larry said, the keyboard work is just amazing, and captivating in every way. Great stuff.
09/29/08 12:04:52PM @tlt50:
"Captivating"...... :-). This is totally excellent, great songwriting !Your vocals are amazing as is your keyboard work.Great production...OUTSTANDING...!!!!! Thanks for sharing your music........,

Larry T......

10/23/08 02:43:32PM @anthony-marcus:
Now, here is a track I can enjoy. I am a sucker for "off time" material. And with the use of the Middle Eastern scale and soundscaping, it then makes this track truly a cut above the rest. Not to take away from any of the great artists here on Mix, but this is more my type of genre to listen to.
01/10/10 07:08:06AM @claire-cameron-band:
Thanks so much for the comments on Amethyst- really touched :)


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