Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band

No Illusions

album: Captivated
genre: Vocal
streams: 45

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No Illusions
10/25/08 09:59:38AM @mark-reed:
This has a real sense of purpose, it's perfect, nothing more to be said
10/01/08 02:28:31PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Indeed!!! I am "speechless over you!" as well! What a refreshing sound - this is another hit in my book! Great vocals along with a very appealing arrangement always goes a long way, you know!!! This is one of those tunes!

Love your style - it leaves me speechless!


sly puppy
10/01/08 06:24:22AM @emocion:
Well they have all said it ! Tremendous song writing and delivery.

No Illusions is a great song from beginning to end.

Most impressive.

Something tells me that you have a future in this business keep on doing exactly what you are already doing:


09/29/08 01:31:55PM @ab2:
Now and then...Not very often... along comes someone who stops me in my tracks...That`s exactly what you`ve done with this song..What an amazing vocal range with such a sweet, sweet sound...This is an absolute pleasure to listen to as I`m taken to new heights..Kudos..:-) I almost forgot to mention the beautiful piano...:-)

peace n love Mags

09/29/08 12:31:55PM @tlt50:
Dear lady..... this is very special songwriting....I'm speechless... over YOU !! :-). Thanks so much for sharing your outstanding talents. !!
All the best.......

Larry T.....

09/29/08 12:25:27PM @claire-cameron-band:
with fans like you I shall definately continue to do so! It is so great when a listener picks up on the vibe I felt when I wrote a song :)
09/29/08 12:23:27PM @idiom:
I'm sorry, but I'm totally hooked. Totally immersive and completely friendly to everyone and anyone. It's a song for reflection and those cosy nights by an open log fire with the one you love. I only listen to independant artists, why? The likes of Claire Cameron, that's why. Thank you for sharing such wonderful music.


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