Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band

Time I Start

album: Claire Cameron Band
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Time I Start
09/02/16 05:36:59PM @ronbowes:

I heard this on mixposure radio. Had to pop by and say terrific track.

04/27/09 07:58:23AM @mel:
Wonderful piano intro leading to your wonderful voice Claire. You sing this with real passion! Really super instrumentals in this strong song. Enjoyed this! Wishing you well with your contest, nearly there!! Melsi
04/27/09 07:00:29PM @king-cake:
Great production!It layers nicely. Reminds me of a jazzy Siouxee.
Love your voice!

04/29/09 08:37:30AM @dazed:
digging that piano intro. Claire you have some fantastic vocals. Sweet bass line in here also. Band is tight and very good. Would love to hear you guys live. This is an exceptional tune. You are a welcome addition to Mix!


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