Claire Cameron Band
Claire Cameron Band

Question Every Day

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Question Every Day
09/14/10 10:53:23PM @michael-frazier:
Love the piano beginning. A change of key at some point would benefit this song though it sounds a bit like Sade with more vocals. Even with the vocalists range the whole tune sounds a bit monotone. Still I enjoyed the listen. Nice job on all the instrumentation. Needs a little polish.
10/27/09 05:16:49PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Ya know, even thought you presented that on my Center Stage, I;ll have to play it again this Saturday. Just because it's THAT GOOD!!!


04/29/09 08:46:27AM @dazed:
I am impressed with your vocals Claire. You guys sound fantastic. Better than anything I am hearing on the radio these days. Outstanding!
06/14/09 02:48:51PM @vesa:
Love the piano start, with a percussive rhythm that felt like a rumba, cool; Most fine solid vocals, very good range, the arranging is superb, all instruments at the right sound level, letting your really great singing shine on through right up, -fine backup, like the guitar rhythm, subtle but really a neat feel. An EXCELLENT production. Your voice just makes it move; and all instruments are in a good groove, all one whole sound, FAB guitar artistry. A fine that piano alone at the end, as it started with the piano. Well thought through. SUPERB tune. Worth many listens, into my faves it goes. Fantastic work. Love it.
-Your friend. -Vesa (from the land-up-over.)


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