Darren Holland Project
Darren Holland Project

Lemon Drop

album: Single
genre: Rock
streams: 24
creation date: 2023-04-16

  Song Lyrics
Lemon Drop YouKnow it's killing meKeep it all insideI woke up in the aftermathMonarch ButterflyOhDid you hear pain dropTake it slowI want to be your lemon...
  Song Information
Some suck it down slowly and savor every moment. Some just bite down hard and it's over before you ever taste the sweet and sour sensation.
Lemon Drop
04/22/23 10:15:55PM @cooter:
Such a cool tune! Like I mentioned tonight in chat, more hooks than Bass Pro Shops. A Bangles kind of vibe with some cool B52 undercurrent. Or not. Either way everything about this fun and enjoyable.
04/21/23 04:39:45PM @bustert:
Very nice with the multiple vocals and rhythm not to mention the guitar riffs are fun to listen to
Farrell Jackson
04/20/23 09:58:15PM @farrell-jackson:
I will never think of a lemon drop in the same way Darren :o) The guitar riff drives the song along nicely and the vocals are top shelf. The cascading chord progression works great at changing up the song. Good stuff man!
04/17/23 04:52:41AM @tristynleach:
Cool song i like the guitar riff and the song is very catchy, nice ending too with the guitar note and feeback, enjoyed


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