Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender
Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender


album: Parker's Band
genre: Pop
streams: 110

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A Re-master of a project recorded 30 years ago.  Dave Coonrod, music, lyrics, bass guitar; Steve Hockenberry, vocals and drums; "Dude" McDonald, keyboards;...
Farrell Jackson
12/09/17 11:06:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen after the first listen 4 years ago. This song still has great appeal with a style that is fresh to my ears. Nice one David and crew!


Al Hughson
09/11/14 04:12:19PM @al-hughson:
Some great sounds in this and played with real musicianship and feeling. Great track and a fine listen.


Fender Bender
09/03/14 07:39:35AM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Thanks, guys!
09/03/14 12:42:24AM @gene-smith:
I agree with both Farrell and DCD some pretty cool vibes here!
Farrell Jackson
09/02/14 10:05:25AM @farrell-jackson:
This sounds great David! Even though it was recorded 30 years ago it still holds it's own in today's digital world. I like the singer's voice and the chorus melody/backing vocals rock. A cool resurrection of an oldie!


09/01/14 07:34:40PM @david-c-deal:
Hey David, this really sounds great with that cool 80's vibe. You are a talent I am so proud to be associated with.


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