Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender
Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender

Newspaper article featuring Mixposure

By Fender Bender, 2014-04-19
Newspaper article featuring Mixposure


Article about Mixposure appearing in my hometown newspaper, the Defiance Crescent-News:



Talking about change of time with local musician


Perhaps one of the best things         


about writing and recording


music is the ability to capture a


sign of the times, immortalizing


it forever within a snapshot of


creative effort


and release.


But what makes


it even better is a


situation where




lyrics tell a tale


of prophecy that


only grows more


poignant with




Take Bob


Dylan, for example.


When he ever so epically


announced to the world “The


Times They Are a-Changin’”


back in the mid-1960s, the rambling


king of cultural observation


captured the flow of an entire


generation hinged on the cusp of


eminent change.


Fifty years later, while illuminating


an entirely different


societal climate, the ebb and flow


of the world is still so perfectly


depicted by the words etched


into history five decades ago


at Studio A in New York City.


And since musical messages


ultimately find their final resting


place within the perception of


the listener, they can apply to an


endless array of situations.


Which brings me to the context


of this week’s column.


There was a time in a not


so distant past when the only


method of preserving music for


eternity was to hit the studio


and make it happen. Solo, with


a band, collaborations — it all


went to tape and was typically,


take by arduous take, hammered


out in the same room.


But, oh, how times have


changed again in ways I doubt


even Bob Dylan could have seen


coming, especially when it comes


to recording with like-minded


individuals who may never even


meet each other in person.


With the inception of the


technological explosion, musical


community sites such as


Mixposure (www.mixposure.


com) have opened a worldwide


door for musicians to connect


with one another, also offering


a promotional smorgasbord of


management, labels, comedians,


listeners and DJs.


Or as longtime local bass and


guitar instructor Dave Coonrod


explained it, “A one-stop site


for pretty much everything you


could want out of music resources.”


While Mixposure is just one


of countless sites of its kind on


the musical webscape, it is one


Coonrod has certainly made the


most of. A frequent collaborator


with renowned keyboardist


and area psychologist Dr. David


C. Deal — notably in the live


Christmas season project Siberian


Solstice — Mixposure has provided


a convenient opportunity


for both to compose with other


musicians from around the




And it’s all done from the comfort


of home, or wherever comfort


happens to find you.


“The main advantage of a collaboration


site such as this is the


availability of musicians and


genres that extend the local talent


pool,” said Coonrod, who


splits time teaching bass and


guitar between Tri State Music


in Bryan and Defiance College.


“I have done recordings online


with people that I have never


met face-to-face from as far away


as England and as close as south


Defiance. I’m currently working


on a project from a guy from




How can this be possible? It’s


actually remarkably simple … at


least, the sharing process is.


A recorded riff or idea can


be uploaded to file sharing


sites such as Dropbox (www.


dropbox.com), where another


awaiting musician can access it,


add another element and fire it


right back. This can be bounced


around to an unlimited number


of players on any given project.


When all the pieces are in place


and the final mix is applied,


the song or project can be


uploaded for review, sale or a


mere listen to the entire world


via Mixposure’s host of Internet


radio connections in addition to


the site itself.


The best part for aspiring talent


is that all you need is a computer,


an interface and the proper


recording software to have endless


creative possibilities literally


at your fingertips.


“I don’t always record at home,


either,” Coonrod explained.


“When I am away on vacation


all I need is my laptop, a pair of


headphones and my guitar. All


of this made possible by building


upon contacts made on the


Mixposure website.”


For a smooth taste of what


it’s really all about, search


Mixposure for Coonrod’s musical


work under his “Fender Bender”


profile, and also open your ears


to his rich bass tone complimenting


Deal’s heady keys on the


David C. Deal profile.


And as always, support our


vast community of immensely


talented local musicians.


Stay in tune.


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