Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender
Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender

Rises Like a Phoenix (EPlettner, Dcoonrod, DCDeal, DBrink)

album: None
genre: Christian
streams: 85

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  “RISES LIKE A PHOENIX”  Lyrics by Edith D Plettner© Verse One White wistful wanderings Through souls’ grey shadowings Sacrificed offerings...
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Lyrics by Edith Plettner©, Music by Dave Coonrod©, Mastering by David C Deal©, Vocals by Dave Brink©
Rises Like a Phoenix (EPlettner, Dcoonrod, DCDeal, DBrink)
P Eric Bailey
10/19/15 10:53:51AM @p-eric-bailey:
Congrats Dave on AOTM. I can't think of a finer person and musician more deserving.


07/03/15 11:58:20PM @cooter:
Oh, yes. This is so nicely done, you four! Nicely written, and wonderfully delivered. I enjoyed every moment.
Fender Bender
06/11/15 05:14:11PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Thanks for the comments. Means a lot, especially to Deedee; her first "foot in the water" in Mixposure!
06/09/15 07:56:31PM @david-c-deal:
You guys did a wonderful job on this DeeDee, Dave C and Dave B. I'm proud to have a small association with it!
Fender Bender
06/09/15 07:31:39PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Thank-you, Doug. Deedee (EPlettner) told the story, Dave Brink sang the story, I made it flow, and Dave Deal made it shine!


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