Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender
Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender

Analog Dreams

album: None
genre: Cinematic Orchestral Rock
streams: 38

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Dave Coonrod:  Guitars--Acoustic, Electric, Midi, Bass; Composition and Production                       Kevin Peters:  Guitar--Melodies & Solos
Analog Dreams
Twank Whelan
10/16/21 08:58:22PM @twank-whelan:
Cinematic Orchestral Rock describes this well! Enjoying my listen, quite a composition.
08/31/21 12:41:55PM @firecircle:
I like a good soundscape-this is superb
carol sue
02/22/21 05:29:57AM @carol-sue:
Creative changes throughout.. quite brilliant.
Such an exquisite masterpiece of sound and style!
Much enjoyed listening. Bravo performances! *****

02/21/21 08:58:00AM @wricky:
such a fun ,interesting piece to hear , something new every listen
bill b
02/20/21 02:02:50PM @bill-b:
Bellissimo mestiere da sogno !
Farrell Jackson
02/20/21 01:51:42PM @farrell-jackson:
FANTASTIC Dave and Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02/20/21 09:37:40AM @wricky:
I will get back to you after 500 more listens but I think I really like this , ha , Hi 5's to you guys !


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