Delphi Ravens
Delphi Ravens

Delphi Raven

album: single
genre: Alternative - Indie
streams: 30
creation date: 2022-12-20

  Song Lyrics
his looks can be foreboding                    some call him a bad omen he’s the ascending node he flies the royal road all knowing is the Delphi raven...
  Song Information
one of our first releases, in 2021, dark and mysterious with hidden messages, listen carefully
Delphi Raven
Delphi Ravens
12/25/22 10:34:20PM @delphi-ravens:
Thanks so much Carol Sue, appreciate the comments and support. New music coming in '23.
All the best and Happy New Year to you!

Delphi Ravens

carol sue
12/25/22 12:30:47PM @carol-sue:
It's easy to like everything about this track.
Dark, mysterious... well written & performed~ what's not to like!
Congratulations, this is fantastic! *****

Merry Christmas!

Delphi Ravens
12/22/22 02:49:58PM @delphi-ravens:
Thanks Tony C, glad you like it. We have a great drummer, when I wrote this song I told him he could only use toms and kick for the entire opening... I had a beat in mind but he came up with a better one.
Papa B., founder, bassist, songwriter - Delphi Ravens

tony cee
12/22/22 12:45:36PM @tony-cee:
this is brill love the drum work and backing .....cheers tony cee
Delphi Ravens
12/21/22 03:14:44PM @delphi-ravens:
Thanks Ron, appreciate the comments. Have a wonderful holiday!
12/21/22 06:38:49AM @ronbowes:
Dark indeed. Cool track. Great vox.


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