Delphi Ravens
Delphi Ravens

Cheap Coffee

album: single
genre: Alternative - Indie
streams: 21
creation date: 2023-02-19

  Song Lyrics
cut the ribbon, hooray everything fine ‘til one day the alcohol came to stay now we both have to pay drinks for fun, drinks for sorrow losing you for...
  Song Information
song is about the effects on people around those with addictions, specifically alcoholism
Cheap Coffee
Delphi Ravens
02/20/23 02:19:14PM @delphi-ravens:
Thanks Tony, for anyone having dealt with substance abuse I think this touches on some of the emotions you feel when dealing with it.
Tony Carlozzi
02/20/23 02:15:03PM @tony-carlozzi:
This is Dj Tony C so loving this one


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