Delphi Ravens
Delphi Ravens

How Wrong You Were

album: single
genre: Alternative - Indie
streams: 19
creation date: 2023-01-11

  Song Lyrics
You're the apparition of my heart a nonexistent memory why I believed it from the start that this wouldn't end in tragedy How wrong You were   You said 'I'm...
  Song Information
Relationships can be tough and don't always work out. This song is about this.
How Wrong You Were
01/19/23 07:30:04PM @jimsae:
I am already a fan and now this track! Amazing songwriting and top notch performances all around!
Delphi Ravens
01/12/23 03:21:23PM @delphi-ravens:
Thank you very much Carol Sue, greatly appreciated! More music coming!
carol sue
01/12/23 01:59:01PM @carol-sue:
Round of applause to you all.
Great tune~ your talents shine!
Rock-on!! *****


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