Delphi Ravens
Delphi Ravens


album: single
genre: Alternative - Indie
streams: 16
creation date: 2024-06-16

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refracted moments in my heart            you linger the shadow of your silhouette lifted from the bedside   it’s not that I forgot your smile will never...
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This is a song about a true story. You get invited to hang out with a good friend one night. You go over to their place and no one is there. You call and...
Delphi Ravens
06/20/24 04:12:11PM @delphi-ravens:
Thank you so much, Jim, will try to stop into the show tonight. And, yes, we created a few new sounds with our latest tracks... 3 more new ones to be released in coming months... will load them up as they near release dates. All the Best!
06/20/24 03:40:34PM @jimsae:
Like I told you earlier, I am always on the hunt for new music from Delphi Ravens! And today makes it a great day! Love this, a nice departure for you folks. A great track, and I will be playing it tonight!
Delphi Ravens
06/20/24 02:50:03PM @delphi-ravens:
Thank you Tony, really appreciate your comments!
tony cee
06/20/24 08:21:14AM @tony-cee:
superb song love the vocal , and keys . nice work .....cheers tony cee
Delphi Ravens
06/19/24 01:58:35PM @delphi-ravens:
Thank you Kim, a different sound and direction from our general style. We loved making this song and doing some different things with it, including the mic'd acoustic guitar vs. all electrics.
06/19/24 11:12:20AM @kim-d-groff:
Great stuff guys!!


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