Dewey Comhreir
Dewey Comhreir
Dewey Comhreir

Battle Tried And Tested

album: Days We Rose
genre: Instrumental Prog Jazz Rock
streams: 19
creation date: 2024-03-19

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Instrumental Prog Jazz Rock Guitar
Battle Tried And Tested
03/20/24 10:47:01PM @lodato:
Love those tones and textures. Interweaving guitars that seem as one. Musical and nice production as well. Cheers Dew

Farrell Jackson
03/20/24 07:29:25PM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done Dewey. I enjoyed listening to to your guitar playing. Nice and smooth!
Bill B
03/20/24 10:23:51AM @bill-b:
Sounds great Dewey, I like the fresh and gentle uniqueness and the easy going appraoch of the improvised soloing. The subtle contrasting melodic elements add to its gentle mood.
It is inpiring aswell as aspiring for me. Thanks for posting.


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