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Ethnology (from the Greek á¼”θνος, ethnos meaning "habit, custom, convention") is the branch of anthropology that compares and analyzes the origins,...
12/07/10 03:39:12PM @papi:
This track just blows me away. So many of my favorite sounds and effects in here. Layer upon layer of good stuff, yum yum :o)
11/30/09 05:08:33PM @ed-drury:
Big sound introduces a brillient track with influences from around the globe. Great cinamatic percussion sounds, dynamic percussion coming from carefully placed spots in the mix. Just great, conveys the message for peace through music, communication on a soul level. Love it :)
06/10/09 11:55:36AM @piperon:
I feel great to come back to your page once a while to listen to your enchanting and beautiful music. This is another gem in your treasure box. I like the way you mixed the vocal and the percussive in such unique way. And the moody flute roaming in the backdrop is interesting. And the boomy bassline is exciting, kickass stuff. I always like vocal - the Italian style of choiring - Gregorian style.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

05/17/09 03:51:46PM @tlt50:
Di....fabulous percussive drum tracks to open this song up. Totally creative excellence... WOW as expected flawless production.Great groove and vibe... the vocals are superb...superb work... PEACE thru MUSIC !!!
all the best,
Larry T/TLT50

05/07/09 08:31:20AM @mark-reed:
This grabs you from note one. tremendous backing. Love the vocals, sounds like you got an Indian and European religious group to chant this one. Just a totally unique piece of music very well done
05/06/09 07:31:34PM @dazed:
Hey D. Production on this definitely shines. Am really digging the low end thump. Bass and percussion are definitely on their game here but the vocals and what is remarkable. It sounds like you grabbed some monks for part of the tune but the lead vocals are awesome. Great listen!
05/08/09 11:42:50AM @mel:
Ethnology kicks straight in with this funky, ethnic beat. Wonderful vocals that seem to take you straight back in time. A very elegant production, great beat but calming at the same time. Enjoyed this a lot, Wishing you well, Melsi
Dan Stewart
05/10/09 11:33:21PM @dan-stewart:
Thanks for the heads up for this song, the soundscape is fantastic. Let me go out on the line with this one to either look like I know what I'm doing or fall flat on my face. Was it a combination of Turkish (the woman), Indian (the one man), and Gregorian chant. If so, it is brilliant with Islam, Hindu, and Christianity all in harmony together, over sounds (the low end thump) of what could sound like explosions, bullets, and tanks, with the odd military sounding drums. All singing together for peace and then at the end, TOTAL PEACE!!!! Brilliant. And for me, the woman's voice brings calm, the monks calm the heart, and the one man's voice increases the concentraion. Awesome (in it's original meaning) song!!!
The Mother Fakirs
05/20/10 03:29:28AM @the-mother-fakirs:
a top notch production! everything is in it's perfect place, love the thunderous percussion!


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