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@BucTheGreat, 12/06/07 06:55:25PM
Thank you for your welcome at IMS. No, I'm not Dreamer.
Oh, it's easy to create such e-card as you've seen at my account. You only need "Macromedia Flash" to create one. Or you send the graphics and a song to me, and I create an e-card for you.

Greets, GNACi
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@BucTheGreat, 11/23/07 03:00:15PM
Hi Di, thanks very much for your great words for "Creatures" - I'll consider your critics on the drum presence for another mix! It's great to meet you all again ;-) Cheers, Pascal
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@BucTheGreat, 11/14/07 04:06:59PM
Glad to see you here Big D! Thanks for the reviews.
I will get you back soonest.