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Doug Dickens

When She Was Young

album: Doug Dickens
genre: Blues
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This is a song that Elizabeth and I came up with years ago.  She came up with the original chord progression and I added lyrics to it.  I had always hoped...
When She Was Young
Doug Dickens
10/31/17 01:47:58PM @doug-dickens:
Thank you Larry.
10/26/17 11:04:35PM @tlt50:
Brilliant songwriting Doug,,,Pulls on the heart strings. Beautifully performed .....

Larry T

Doug Dickens
10/16/17 08:45:27PM @doug-dickens:
Thank you Yvonne
Doug Dickens
10/01/17 09:50:10PM @doug-dickens:
Thanks for all the great comments folks. this is close to the heart for sure
09/25/17 10:05:09PM @johandigregorio:
Wonderful song straight from the heart.
09/14/17 10:42:29AM @robert-smith:
Beautiful tune. Love the words. This is a really good recording too. Nice work indeed
Doug Dickens
05/16/17 03:09:57PM @doug-dickens:
Thank you very much Chris.
05/11/17 04:12:29PM @chris-moore:
So much feeling in this, you can't fail to be held by it - the lyrics, the dynamics of the guitar. And altogether a beautiful song with your soul in it. Lovely, Doug.
Doug Dickens
05/09/17 03:52:24PM @doug-dickens:
Many thanks Tricia and Dace. This song sits very close to my heart.


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