Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records
Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

2022 - 30th October news from Duncan J. White Productions.

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By: Stickman
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Today, we carried on working on the track “Turn It Up”.  Everything has been recorded.  The drum kit was changed from what we originally had - now the track is sounding far more rockier and stadium-like. - the main guitar part was then added along with lots of little riffs weaving in and out between the vocals.  The vocals, plus backing vocals, have been recorded, tuned and effects have been applied to them to make them stand out.  Finally, this track is ready to mix on the next session.  This was an easy track to do as we had recorded the original idea way back in 1995!  As I said it’s something a little bit different - a bit of rock.  

Next tune will be another rock track called “Behind Closed Doors” again recorded as a demo in 1995 but never got beyond that stage.


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