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genre: Ambient
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creation date: 2007-11-03

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Constance is based upon the true life story of Constance Briscoe. the song was inspired by her book Ugly.  Sly
Luca Wulf
04/05/08 03:34:09PM @huge-artist:
Now that is queer as a bottle of chips...
How can THIS song of all songs be here and I haven't reviewed it?!?!?!?

Well you know my feelings about this song Sly...
This is a gem of a song.
You write across the years hoping for a song like this...
The haunting opening....
dark and alone...
Then the ebat comes in and for my pennies the song earns it's spurs.
It just all comes together,from the rhythm section,to the synths,to the piano to the lady :)
It just becomes more thzn the sum of it's parts,all fo which tells me that magic was caught,something became interwoven inside the song.

It really is a superb showcase of your talents Sly and will always remain one of my most favs of yours.
Stunning work.


11/23/07 12:59:28PM @syngularity:
I believe that "Constance" belongs to the best tracks I've ever heard. I have to think of my way here - surely not to please everyone, but defintely want to find "favorites". And "Constance" is definitely one...

11/18/07 01:26:26PM @syntopia-music:
What a masterpiece, the soundcarpet are so exellent. Wonderful mystical ambient intro goes in a mix with a electo style. Fantastic -Sven
11/17/07 03:10:47PM @piperon:
Interesting piece of all those sweet vocals going round and round - definitely this is one way to imprint the echoes into the brain. Nice breaking ground - this is kind of swinging rythms that has no end, all the way my friend.
11/13/07 11:44:04AM @bri-an:
...ahh the SlyMang... this is one of my many fav's of yours..remeber hearing it along with the naration of it's conception...which was just great to hear!!
images condured up while listening to it are vivid! excellent work my friend!!

11/12/07 12:26:30PM @survival:
Great song.....The changing of sounds is beautiful done. Very open in the beginning and very spacy...I like it!
All the best, Jack

nicky quick
11/11/07 12:50:41PM @nicky-quick:
well we both know this is one of rapster's favorites right here.. my vocoder lesson par excellence.. this is ambience from another galaxy.. ice blue crystal clear.. excellent production.. great BIG sound all around.. left and right.. and then the beat kicks in so tite.. this is sly at his best.. just like the rest he keeps in his chest.. treasures waiting for the test.. :-)
11/08/07 04:49:37PM @dicarlo-productions:

11/03/07 05:29:33PM @rabbid-maggott:
i like this song. the arrangement is very good, with all the different textures of sounds placed so they don't walk on each other. reminds me of the very well pruduced and arranged thomas dolby stuff. great work!!!



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