Dead Air

album: Boundaries
genre: electronica
streams: 118

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Dead Air  ( S.Page 2018 ) Our ever after lies shattered in the ruins. And all thats left now is disbelieve... I've watched the world turn Seen the skies...
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A track from the view point of someone out in space looking down on Earth. Originally composed on the iPad then moved across to the MacBook - there are...
Dead Air
sly puppy
06/01/18 03:44:49AM @emocion:
Really enjoyed this.!
Thanks for the kind words H3
A slightly more rick feeling to this one I know but I think it still has many if my trademarks !

05/23/18 11:03:31PM @hydrogen3:
Really enjoyed this.!
sly puppy
05/23/18 07:04:16AM @emocion:
Thanks Gary - it’s a long one that’s for sure !
Those guitars are all vst parts wish I could play the real thing but alas I can’t seem to get along with it !

05/22/18 09:25:36PM @gary-hart:
Deep tune here! Gotta say pretty cool guitar parts as the vocals sit well in the mix...nice production! 👍
sly puppy
05/22/18 04:47:32PM @emocion:
Thanks Jerry - this was one of those songs just came from no where really I think Dace or Nigel used the term dead air and I just went with it..
Perhaps this along with others benefits from all those years of listening intently to all the other independent artists out there - I like this style a lot but I do struggle vocally !!

sly puppy
05/22/18 04:44:37PM @emocion:
Dace as always I can rely on you to give my music your time and ears I do hope the listening experience is worth it - friends through music but much more than that !
sly puppy
05/22/18 04:43:16PM @emocion:
Thanks Tricia your words are getting more thoughtful as you continue to listen clearly I’ll have to watch my back or your reviews will be more in depth than mine 😃
05/22/18 12:03:38PM @jerrywillard:
Superb writing and vocals. The music was killer my friend. Long story short l FN loved it Steve! You rock brother!!!


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