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Instrumentel track - a strange twisted trip kinda falling from reality....
02/02/21 03:55:55PM @waveman:
this is excellent man, synths and guitar in perfect spacey harmony, that groove nicely gurgles underneath, great work
sly puppy
02/17/18 03:51:16AM @emocion:
Fungus-Dace "]
FYI ..i was told if there is no graphic , songs dont go to new songs page. I did not see this one but might have just missed it. Really cool vibe and flow. Its different than your norm. Has a grand vibe for sure. Most cool listen.

Cheers Dace I didn't have time tonload in a graphic and never knew that so will put something graphic in ...
Glad you enjoyed your listen my friend and again thanks fir the support

sly puppy
02/17/18 03:49:17AM @emocion:
Jerry ear candy is such a cool term it's as Pete slightly twisted but hopefully in a nice kind of way !
sly puppy
02/17/18 03:48:05AM @emocion:
Thanks Pete : that's actually guitar played on the iPad my friend with some effects added after !
02/16/18 10:35:37AM @jerrywillard:
Steve this was ear candy for my brain! Killer great man. Charged and dynamic all the way through. I give the total package a 10. That's a perfect ten! Love it!
02/15/18 07:40:50PM @red-sheppen:
I am a bit of a strange twisted tripper who falls from reality often so i can relate :))))
That vibrato deep and dark is amazing....is that guitar from your keyboard? Crazy cool
Thanks Steve liking this one a lot


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